Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hand bound journal!

Wow! I am embarrassed to say that my last post was about 5 months ago! Newborns keep you preoccupied to say the least! I wanted to post pictures of my latest mini-project: a homemade, hand bound journal! I absolutely love it! I made it for my best friend's birthday, but I think I will end up making many many more. I do have an obsession with stationary and journals after all! 

It was fairly simple to make, although it did take some time. I regretfully didn't take pictures of the process :( I simply folded printer paper in half (hamburger style) and sewed about 5 papers together using a running stitch. I did this to 4 sets of papers. I then used a whip stitch and sewed those 4 packets together. I cut out cardboard for the outside of the journal and covered it with fabric (using heat n bond as adhesive) then I hot glued the paper into the journal. Super simple and super cute!!