Monday, November 21, 2011

Beachy Shabby Chic Hutch!

I am finally finished with my china hutch project! I bought this hutch off of craigslist for $10.

The hutch needed a lot of help. The back panel was coming off, the doors were rickety, and the center section was missing glass and part of the frame. Lucky for me, my husband was able to repair all of the structural issues. We went ahead and totally removed the center wood frame. The original plan was to add chicken wire in the center to give it more of a shabby country feel.
I gave the hutch 2 coats of paint. This picture is after 1 coat. 

I then painted the hutch interior a deep teal. The interior paint color was matched directly to my lamps in the adjoining living room. In these two pictures, the hutch blue looks much darker than the blue on the lamp, but they are really the same color ;) We were able to buy a sample portion of paint for the interior, saving us money. I used about 3/4 of the sample paint, I will have to find somewhere else to use the rest now!

After painting, it was time for the fun to start! My mom made a trip down to visit, and we had a blast decorating my new hutch. And wow!! What a difference this cheap thing from craigslist made!

When we had the hutch decorated, I decided that adding chicken wire to the center would be too much. I didn't want to clutter up the hutch to the point of insanity! I love the crisp lines of the hutch coupled with the frilly and "organized mess" of the accessories!

$3--Blue sample paint
$10-- Antique white paint
 All in all, the hutch cost us $23! 

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